Essential plant-based nutrition, ready to drink.

At Kate Farms, we make delicious, well-balanced shakes that naturally supply carbohydrates, protein and fat in an ideal proportion, 24 essential vitamins and minerals, and the extracts from 29 superfoods that provide antioxidants.


Spectra™ Superfood Blend

The Spectra™ Superfoods Blend is a blend of phytochemical extracts from 29 fruits and vegetables. Phytochemicals are simply the active ingredients that promote whole body health. The extracts do not contain any of the source ingredients’ protein, fat, or carbohydrates. One can only be allergic to protein, so without it, the Superfoods Blend contains no allergens. The blend includes extracts of green tea and green coffee but does not contain any caffeine.


Kate Farms products are well-balanced meals in a bottle. 

All the nutrients at your fingertips!


24 Vitamins & Minerals

With three, 11 oz. servings of Kate Farms, you can get 100% of the recommended daily value of 24 key vitamins and minerals. Kate Farms is made with a Superfood blend comprised of extracts from 29 fruits and vegetables.


HigH Protein

Kate Farms Komplete has a high protein content, 20% of total calories from certified organic, plant-based protein. This helps to maintain lean muscle and allows for the growth and repair of cells in our bodies. It also helps you feel more satiety, the sense of satisfaction after a meal, and of not being hungry.


Good Source of Fiber

High fiber helps bowel movement regularity, which is a key function for the body to rid itself of toxins. When following some diets based on heavily processed foods, it can be difficult to get sufficient fiber to keep your system moving. Each 11 oz serving of Kate Farms contains 5-6 grams of fiber, which also helps you feel full for longer.


Ideal Fat Proportion

Recent research has shown that not all fats are bad, and in fact, we need fat in our diets. We just need the right kind of fats in the right proportions. Kate Farms has an ideal composition of different types of fat.


Inspired By Love.

Kate Farms was started by Richard and Michelle Laver to save their daughter Kate, who was born with cerebral palsy and in 2011, was failing to thrive.

From athletes to those in critical health, Kate Farms has enriched the lives of many who are looking for a better way to get nutrition from nature.

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