Kate Farms Komplete

Komplete 30 Day Challenge!

Komplete 30 Day Challenge!

At Kate Farms, we believe nature provides everything we need. Balanced nutrition makes us healthy and whole. We believe in listening to our bodies. They tell us what we need, and what we don't. And when we listen, our bodies health themselves and thrive, and perform at levels we didn't know possible.

We challenge you to see the difference the power of nutrition from nature can make. Replace two meals per day with Kate Farms Komplete meal replacement shakes for 30 days. As a bonus, you'll receive 10% the retail price! Your body, and your wallet, will thank you! 

Be sure to select your flavor: Chocolate, Vanilla, Coffee, or Assorted (2 cases Chocolate, 2 cases Vanilla, and 1 case Coffee)

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