For Athletes

Major college and pro athletes fuel with Komplete before, during and after workouts and competition!

Meghan M. Runner in the Ragnar Ultra Relay Colorado, a 24+ hour relay

I am convinced Komplete helped me recover after the relay was all over. My legs bounced back much better than before and I had very little fatigue in them. Quite surprising after the effort I put out during the race. I'm excited to try the other flavors (I'm really a chocolate girl at heart).

Denise and Jennifer Capriati (Former #1 Tennis Player)

Komplete is a heaven sent for me! This meal replacement not only satisfies my appetite but gives me all the protein and super foods my body needs. The fact that it is soy-free, dairy-free and gluten-free is just what my doctor ordered for me since I have had cancer and cannot have any soy at all. The dairy and gluten were definitely not good for my tinnitus (ringing in the ear). Since I have been drinking Komplete, my tinnitus has become less and I have more energy and my body just feels so much better! As a matter of fact, my daughter, Jennifer Capriati is enjoying the benefits of Komplete as well. All flavors are wonderful. Thank you Kate Farms for this extraordinary product that will give you a very healthy, happy mind, body and soul!

Denise Capriati